Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I stand corrected!

A little birdie told me some of the answers were wrong on my little husband questionnaire thingie, so I guess I need to publicly acknowledge the correct answers!! :)

4. Steak and ribs are right, but he says chicken wouldn't be his first choice (although I have personally seen him order chicken on numerous occasions!)

8. Scratch the ham/roast beef and just stick with the grilled cheese.

9. He loves potato chips but doesn't know if he could eat them EVERY day (rolls eyes :)

15. He says he loves when I ask him lots of questions, which I know to be a complete lie. (lol!)

19. Apparently, even though he was home-schooled, he managed to play volleyball -- not like on a real team -- but with his oodles of siblings. :)

I hope I got everything straight now. I love you babe!!

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