Friday, September 19, 2008


As irony would have it, gas prices have dropped substantially in the past few days. Of course, it just happened that both of our cars needed to be filled up on the day the prices were sky high. Now when the prices are somewhat manageable, neither of the cars need gas!! And I have this (very) funny feeling that they will somehow go up by the time we need to fill up again. Because that's just the story of my life. :) Ah well.....

FYI, instead of the ridiculous $5.17 per gallon from the other day, most stations were selling it for $4.27 per gallon this morning. Quite a drop. And I have already done the handy dandy conversion math for you, since most of you probably don't buy your gas in liters like we do!!

If I really felt like doing some more complaining, I could point out the fact that (almost) everyone in the USA is paying lower prices than us right now, even with our "lowered" prices. But I won't -- point that out OR complain. :) :)

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