Sunday, October 26, 2008

life is a whirlwind

Or so it sometimes seems. Before I know it, 2008 will be gone -- Jamie said today this has been the fastest year ever. But we probably say that every year. I think the solution is to stop sleeping so much. Either that, or maybe we could petition to lengthen the days or months or something. Not that it would help -- we would just start dying at earlier ages. :)

I'm still waiting on results of my RN exam. In the meantime, I am hoping to secure a job sometime in the very near future so I will be able to work just as soon as they say I have passed (because I have, right??). Playing the waiting game has never been one of my strong points. :)

We just took a mini weekend trip into the US last weekend to see my little brother get married. We drove through Michigan to get to Indiana where he lives, and the fall colors were AMAZING. I think we were driving through there on the perfect weekend. I will have to make a separate post with all the pretty pictures I took. Anyways, Matt got married on October 17, and now I have a new sister-in-law Lauren -- yay!! Although we probably won't get to see them much -- boo! :( We WILL get to see some more family come the end of November, b/c we are going to PA for American Thanksgiving!! It will be our second Thanksgiving this year. Also, maybe I can do a little post-Thanksgiving shopping a la American tradition. So I really need to start hoping/praying that the exchange rate improves for such things. :-) Here's a pic of Lauren and Matt.

Our little church is in a transition period right now. Our pastor (a missionary church planter) is planning to leave and start another church in another area. So we are working through finding another pastor -- who knew that was such a job?? We had a guest preacher and his family in today, campaigning for the position. Okay, so campaigning is not really the right word -- just visiting and preaching and getting to know the people and seeing if it's a good fit for both him and us. Hopefully, everything will work out and we will get a new pastor who can continue to lead the ministry in our young church. Also, we are helping to get another new church started in the area, so that has been exciting. Their opening services are this week, and a bunch of us are going to go over and be a part of that.

I have really come to love the people at our church. Granted, everywhere you go, there will be a few "oddballs" or people you don't quite line up with. But mostly, our church has an amazing camaraderie and such a genuine friendship among the members. Jamie and I have both made some great friends there, even in our church "small enough to know everyone's middle name." :-) Eventually, we will be moving a little further north, and that will most likely move us to another church. It makes me a little sad to know that we won't have these friends so close at hand anymore. But the distance won't be too great, and I know we will make more friends. Hopefully the times we share together now and later won't be TOO few and far between. Sometimes it's really hard to coordinate everyone's hectic schedules (okay, pretty much all the time)!! But....friends are friends FOREVER if the Lord's the Lord of them. And for now, we are trying to make the most of the times we can actually get together. Of course, it doesn't help when certain people are moving to the other side of the country for 3+ know who you are!!! Hahaha.....

Will life ever slow down?? I doubt it. Do we want it to??

Well.........sometimes. :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Has it really been almost three weeks???

Well, the past few weeks have kept me pretty busy, mostly consumed with studying for the dreaded Canadian RN exam. However, as of yesterday, I am DONE with that and hopefully will be an RN here in Ontario before too long. I just have to wait 4-6 weeks for the results. Ugh, I hate waiting. Which might explain why I didn't do so well on the trip home yesterday from Toronto during rush hour. Lots of sitting still and crawling and people changing lanes like idiots. DEFINITELY glad I'm not a commuter!!

The exam itself wasn't too terrifying, and I think I did okay. I hope at least okay enough to pass. Haha, isn't that encouraging to hear a nurse say that -- someone who will be taking care of individuals and their very lives?!?!? There's a different standard for each exam as to what percent will pass, as they deem some versions harder than others.

So I took the test at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre along with 229 other hopeful candidates. And being in Toronto (or Ontario for that matter) I was in a significant white minority. Oh well. It was almost like going back to kindergarten. We had to keep proving who we were in order to enter the test room. We got neon pink bracelets with our seat number -- so they could tell who we were AND so we could remember where to go. :-) If we had to use the bathroom during the exam, we had to raise our hand at which point we would be personally taken there by an escort. (NO, they did not go in the stalls, just outside -- I know you were thinking that!) And we all got to hear about the rules for taking a Scantron (AGAIN! Didn't I take a million bazillion of those in college??). Don't make an X or a check mark, fill in the complete oval. Erase completely any stray marks. Yadda yadda yadda.

Ah well, I'll find out the results in 4-6 weeks. If they are positive, they will be gloriously posted here. If, for some reason, the outcome is, uh, not-so-favorable, I'll probably be dropping off the face of the earth and deleting this blog altogether. Hahaha. My coworkers already bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers just for taking the exam, so hopefully there'll be a monetary gift of some sort involved when I tell them I actually passed. LOL just kidding, the flowers are beautiful and I certainly wasn't expecting them. It's nice to know the people you work with actually care about you a little (or else they're excited I'll be leaving soon and are sucking up to me to see if they can take my hours). :-) What a life.