Sunday, November 23, 2008

missed a day :)

Well, I just noticed that I actually posted seven or eight days in a row. And then I had to go and mess that up by not posting yesterday. And I'm not actually sure if this will post on Sunday or Monday, seeing as it's pretty close to midnight.

Oh well -- not much has happened. We had a lazy Saturday and a busy Sunday -- just the way I like it. Tomorrow (today?) is back to work for both of us, except it's only for two days and then we are on vacation!!! Which is our reward for working hard all year. Too bad the exchange rate is so terrible right now. AT least gas prices are pretty manageable for a road trip.

It doesn't really matter -- as long as we get to be with family, it will be a good great Thanksgiving.

(OOPS, just isn't the ONLY important thing. We also need stuffing. Lots and lots of stuffing!!!)

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Kay said...

Oh, I so agree.. LOTS of stuffing!!! And pumpkin flavored foods. I'm going to make two pumpkin rolls... YAY!