Monday, November 24, 2008

new moon

So I'm finally getting the second Twilight book today!! Patience and being cheap have paid off. Maybe if I like all the books, I'll ask for the whole set for Christmas. We'll see. :-)

I really need to be cleaning up the house in anticipation of our trip instead of sitting here and blogging. Thankfully, the house is pretty clean already, and I just have to finish up a few dishes and do the packing. Oh, and I also have to remove most everything from the bathroom b/c it is getting demolished remodeled while we're away. I hope it is all done by the time we get home, b/c I hate living in a mess. We've already been living for three plus months with no carpet or tile on the floor and a big hole under the sink. I really can't wait until we move.

The Packers are playing tonight, so I'll definitely be watching that at work. James seems to think they're gonna lose. I can't wait to text him when they win!!!

Off to finish the housework.......

P.S. It's snowing like crazy here........again.......sigh........

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