Friday, November 14, 2008

pretty exciting news!!!

Well, I guess since we have told most of our family and some of our friends, it's okay to post it on here too. :-) And if it's not, well.......too bad.

Come spring, James and I will be the proud owners of our very own brand new home!!! It will be so. amazingly. glorious. to have more space!! And closets!! And a (much) bigger kitchen!! And, well, you know, our. OWN. place.

And we are so excited to be able to build our own, as opposed to buying something already on the market. We have chosen the floor plan we liked best, and tweaked it a little with the help of an architect. And we get to pick absolutely everything that goes into it -- we had our decor appointment yesterday, and sat down and picked everything from the carpet to the color of the hardwood to the handles on the cabinets to the grout between the tiles!! It is truly an overwhelming experience, and I hope the finished product is as amazing as I think it will be. We have heard nothing but great things from this builder, so here's to hoping all continues well. I started to have a bit of a freakout moment yesterday -- what if I don't want a gray garage door in 5 months?? And what if I hate my counters when I see them all laid out instead of as a little sample piece?? Thankfully, the design crew was there to keep us in order and tell us if something would look majorly tacky or stupid, as interior decorating is not exactly my forte. :-)

House specs -- for those interested in these types of things :)

Area -- just under 2000 square feet
Garage -- two-car
Bedrooms -- three
Bathrooms -- two and a half
Basement -- unfinished
Laundry -- on second floor

There is a gas fireplace in the living room. The living room and dining room will be hardwood; the kitchen, foyer, half bath, and breakfast nook are all ceramic tile. The entire upstairs is carpeted. We got a lot of extras thrown in, such as the fireplace and hardwood, as well as a cool front door, a glass shower and soaker tub in the ensuite bath, a mission style railing, and a conservation lot.

Hopefully, I will be posting pics as the house progresses!! For now, here is a pic of the piece of land where our new home will be built.


Kay said...

YAY a house! I have to say though.. i REALLY thought you'd say "baby!" but... hey, with 3 bedrooms you could have like 6 kids :) hehehe

Melissa said...

I KNEW you were going to think that! :) But I think I've told you before, I don't think I would announce that on here. Well, maybe I would, who knows. :) :)

Anne said...

Ok, I had the same reaction Kay had:). I was thinkin' baby too! Congrats on the house!!!

Amy Fichtner said...

Congrats on the new home!! I hope it all works out for you, oh, and the second floor laundry sounds so nice;)

Melissa said...

awww thanks guys!! Amy -- the laundry room on the second floor DEFINITELY sold me on this floor plan. Most of the others had them in the basement. :)

Katina said...

I totally agree, 2nd floor laundry is a wonderful thing. We had basement laundry at our old house and it was such a pain!

We have 1st flr. laundry now and it is nice but I think 2nd flr laundry would be the ultimate!

Congratulations! It sounds so nice!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the progress!!!!!

Dear Abbi said...

Yay!!! Congrats to you guys!! I just saw exciting!! And let me tell you, the second floor laundry is a selling-point, alone for me. It is SO WONDERFUL!!