Saturday, November 8, 2008

so much for posting every day :)

Well, what can I say?? I've been a little busy with, well, you know, LIFE.

On Tuesday night, I went to work and watched the election returns all night. Well, not really all night -- I was kinda hoping it would be a close race so I could watch it long into the night and maybe then my shift would go by faster. Instead I was watching Obama give his victory speech just shortly after midnight or so. Obviously, he was not the candidate I wanted to win, but he did and that's the end of it. I don't really have a speech about it. Except maybe to say -- check out the link to FOCA in my sidebar. And please please please sign the petition against this horrid piece of legislation.

On Wednesday, I took my 15-year-old sister-in-law T shopping. It was her birthday in, um, July, and so I finally decided to buy her something. :) The weather this week has been absolutely gorgeous, and I quite enjoyed our time together. And I'm pretty sure she did too. Good convos, good food, good weather, and new clothes = one fun afternoon. We headed back to their place around 4pm, and I stayed for a birthday supper for Opa. Then back to work around 8:30pm. And yes, by this time I was realllllly tired -- it was quite a struggle to stay awake at work.

Thursday morning, I came home and was planning on sleeping, but I didn't. I had just gotten the first Twilight book from the library the day before, and I only have 10 days with it, sooooooooo I read instead. And read and read and read. Because, unfortunately, it's one of those books you just can't put down. I finally decided maybe I should sleep a LITTLE, since I had plans for the evening. I curled up on the sofa and napped a little, but mostly just lay there, my head full of Twilight-y thoughts. Turns out I didn't need ten days after all -- I'm done after a day and a half. :) And I want so badly to start reading the next one, but I'm cheap and going to wait until I can get it from the library, hopefully in the next week or two when my name comes up on the list.

Thursday afternoon, I went and picked up my friend A and we went to Michael's!! If you know anything about me at all, you know this is my one little heaven on earth here in Canada. I only wish they had Joann's!! They were having quite a sale on all their fall stuff -- mostly Halloween, but I managed to find some awesome autumn paper from K & Company at 80% off. Plus a Thanksgiving flag for my mama and Halloween Kinder Eggs.

Off to Taco Bell for dinner, and then we (actually) managed to find the bowling alley we were supposed to meet other friends at (with guy-given directions!!). Sadly, the bowling place was JAMMED and they said we would have to wait like 1 1/2 hrs for a lane. No one really wanted to do that, soooooooo instead we drove all the way across town to go glow-in-the-dark mini golfing. Which was pretty fun, even though I was pretty bad at it. Okay, maybe not BAD, just inconsistent. I would do great on one hole, only to mess up the next one terribly. Needless to say, I didn't win (worst out of 5), but I had lots of fun anyways. On the way home, I cranked up Alvin and the Chipmunks, and me and A cracked ourselves up singing along with all their silly songs.

Yesterday was a bit of a nothing day, except that James finally got home from his trip and we went out for dinner. To Montana's!!! We've kind of been obsessed with their newest appetizer lately. The meal that James got came with a coupon for a free order of buffalo potato wedges (seriously to die for), so I'm sure we'll be going back again soon. :) James' meal also happened to be FREE -- a nice surprise!! James ordered his steak well-done, and it came out pretty medium-rare looking. Perfect for me, but he pretty much detests the sight of any pink or red in his meat. So he sent it back. The waitress brought it out a few minutes later, and needless to say, it was still quite pink. He was not impressed -- neither was the waitress -- I'm sure she had a few things to say to the person who was cooking. Apparently, she decided to tell the manager as well, who thought that the non-cooking of the meat was unacceptable and took the entire amount of his meal off our bill. Not a bad deal. But our waitress was so good and nice and kind about it all, and did a lot of running around, so we gave her a pretty healthy tip based on the full amount we would have paid. I'm sure that made her happy. :)

Now we are both off for quite a few days, so either we'll be really productive or really lazy. I've spent today making breakfast and lunch, and working on making Christmas cards. James has been playing xBox for about 5 hours. I'm sure you can figure out who is the productive one and who is the lazy one. :) :) :)

P.S. Yes, I know I linked to like a MILLION things in this post. I was bored. :-)

P.S. #2 If you don't do ANYTHING else today, at least please go over to the Fight FOCA website and sign the petition!!! It is so important!


Kay said...

YOU HAVE BEEN READING TWILIGHT!??????? YAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYYYY Me and a bunch of friends are going to see the movie ont he 23rd... how much do you LOVE the book!? Oh yeah, and I got the soundtrack.. it is AWESOME.

Melissa said...

oh yeah, TOTALLY loving it!! I think I'm going to read it again just to get a fix while I'm waiting for the next one. :) My sister-in-law said she hated the second book, but didn't say why. Did you??

Kay said...

Ahhhh There's a part without Edward. I have to say, I THREW the book because I was so mad at the author... hehe... seriously. I threw it. BUT... she redeems herself in the fourth book. I HATE JACOB BLACK! TEAM EDWARD!