Sunday, November 16, 2008

winter wonderland??

Well, the snow season is upon us. I knew it was coming, but refused to accept it until the white stuff was falling all around.

Here's the thing -- I think snow is pretty. I really do. I don't mind snow on trees, snow banks, snowballs, snowmen, snow angels -- I like all of those. Snow on the street and in my driveway and on my car are entirely different things!!

Yesterday, the forecast changed so much. First, it said we would be getting 2-4 inches in the evening, and then 4-6 inches overnight. Yuck. Later in the afternoon (as it poured down rain), the forecast changed to rain/snow mix, as it wasn't supposed to get cold enough to snow. I had to go to work last night, so around 8pm, I turned on the weather channel, and it said it was raining. Yippee. I'll take it. Anything but the white stuff. I decided to walk outside -- we live in a basement and can't really see outside enough to know what the weather is like. And what do I find -- SNOW is falling prettily swirling around me from all sides, pelting me in the face, and covering EVERYTHING. It was icy snow too, not the easy-to-clean powdery stuff. And it was coming down at an insane rate.

I cleaned off the car at 8:30, trying to give myself enough time. I left the car to warm up for a bit, came back outside about 10 minutes later, and the car looked like I had never even touched it. And you wonder why I hate snow! After a little more shoveling and brushing (courtesy of my husband), I was on my way and driving very very slowly to work. None of the streets had been cleared -- because (DUH) according to the weather channel, it was RAINING. :-) So I kind of just drifted along, maybe 10km/hr. A normally 4-minute drive took about 15, but at least I arrived safely. The poor lady I was replacing at work hadn't even brought a coat with her because she hadn't expected it to snow. AND the weather channel said it was RAINING. :-)

Oh the winter fun has only begun. Now that it's started, it won't stop until March at least, or if we're REALLY lucky, maybe April. :)

Stay tuned for part two -- the blackout in the middle of the night and HUGE chunks of ice blocking me in the driveway in the morning.

Oh how I love hate loathe like tolerate snow. :-)


Kay said...

Its soooooo pretty though!!!!!!!!!! It was like 70 here the other day. i was mad b/c I couldn't wear a coat or need a hoodie! lol. I looove the north.

Sis. Julie said...

I wouldn't mind the snow! We never get it here in Georgia. Well...I shouldn't say never...we do get it but not enough to make a report about most times. I hope this winter will be different. We'll have to see though. That is one thing I miss about living in the north or the midwest is the snow. I'm just sorry that those who live in areas like where you live get so much of it that you can't really enjoy it...that it hinders your lives so much.

Dear Abbi said...

I'm so glad that I'm not Canadian. :) I'm sorry to hear that your winter has arrived...hopefully the sun will come out a lot and brighten up all of that white stuff!

Melissa said...

Yes, it is pretty. :) Sitting on the grass. Not so pretty when you're stuck in your driveway.

I'll try not to whine so much about the snow this year. Ahhhh......