Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WW, part three


I totally forgot about the next part. :) Remember the huge chunks of ice in the driveway??

Well, my relief arrived in the morning bright and early. I had thought I should probably start warming up my car and cleaning it off BEFORE she got there, so I could leave semi-on-time. Well, thanks to a little early-morning nap, I kinda didn't do that and awoke to the sound of her trying to get in the locked door. Haha. Anyways, after filling her in on the wonderful events of the night, I suited up and went outside to start the car. I started blasting the heat and defroster (and my wonderful seat warmers) and then got to work on the outside of the car.

Can I say YUCK? The snow was sooooo icy and therefore, unbrushable. No powdery white stuff here. Just 2+ inches of icy white hardness all over my car. Well, it had to get done, so I chipped away at it, and by the time I was done 15 minutes later, my car was toasty and warm.

Except I couldn't get in it yet. Because I was blocked in the driveway by chunks boulders of ice that the snow plow had shoved at the end. Sigh. It's one thing to clean off an icy car with a scraper, but quite another to try to shovel boulders. :) I started chipping away at it, except they didn't really go anywhere. Come to find out later, they were actually super-glued in place..........haha, just kidding. I got a little piece here and a little piece there whacked away, but nothing notable. I thought of the possibilities of doing this for an hour. I also thought of just walking home. :) Or maybe going back inside V's house and making myself a cup of tea.

Just then, a car drove by, and the man driving it waved at me. I'm like, um, ok, nice of you to wave at me when you're DRIVING and I'm standing here looking at boulders I would like moved. :) He pulled off to the side of the road and got out. I started reaching for my cell phone and the 911 on speed dial. I wasn't really looking at him, but I heard him say, "here, I'll help you with that." And I immediately felt bad for my previous thoughts. :) Then I actually looked at him and realized it was V's son-in-law who lives around the corner!! I gladly handed over my shovel and thanked him at least 14 times for saving me. Meanwhile, he was apologizing to me for not coming sooner!! Of course, he put me to shame in the shoveling department -- he finished clearing the boulders in a matter of minutes, and I was left wondering if I should start doing upper arm exercises lol. :) After approximately 33 more thank-yous, I was on my way.

Yippee! I warmed my tushie and fervently wished that our driveway would be clear when I got home. Or at least have no huge unmanageable BOULDERS. I mean, I wouldn't want to have to drag V's son-in-law all across town to help me again, now, would I?? :)

Thankfully, our driveway was fine. Thanks, baby!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, that was a tough job.
I came from Philippines, and this snow is very strange to me. This is my first winter here.
I don't think I like it. Brrr....

Kristi said...

Well I'm glad you were able to get home. Sounds like a doozy of a storm. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining that it's colder than usual here.



Melissa said...

oh Grace, I feel your pain -- where do you live?? :)

Kristi, I think it's colder than normal most everywhere. Some of us just have precipitation to go along with it lol!! :)