Monday, November 17, 2008

WW, part two

When I got to work on Saturday night, I got warm and determined to forget about the snow and just deal with the aftermath in the morning. So much for determination.

V was sleeping (yay!), pretty soundly too. I checked on her every now and then, but there wasn't much else to do. I watched a little TV, read a little, texted friends, etc. The lights flickered on and off around midnight, but I wasn't too worried. I carried on in my lonely little world, and V kept sleeping.

But an hour later, the power went OFF. Completely off. Like, I was in total darkness. Ahhhh!! I was in the living room at the time, and quite suddenly I could see absolutely nothing. I picked up my phone (yay for cell phone lights -- no matter how small they are, they are a BIG help in total blackness) and stumbled around looking for a flashlight. I found one in the kitchen; the light wasn't very bright but a little better. I thought I'd better go check on V b/c I heard a very LOUD beeping coming from her room. Her room was the darkest -- the window was covered for sleeping-during-the-day purposes, so I walked around, bumping into things, trying to determine the source of the beeping. I finally figured out it was her bed/mattress. She has one of those hospital-type beds that move up and down with an inflatable mattress. Well, as soon as the power went out, the mattress deflated (!!) and quite obviously the bed couldn't go up and down anymore. I turned off the beeping and wondered what to do. I didn't want to call her daughter, b/c then she would freak out that something was really wrong with her mom (which it wasn't).

So I thought, well, if the power's not back on in an hour, I'll call someone (again, yay for cell phones). I perched on the little sofa outside her room, cell phone and flashlight at my side. I'm not a big fan of being alone in her house at night anyways -- sometimes the little noises creep me out. Well, let me tell you it's about a thousand times worse when there is no light. I prayed for God to turn the lights back on. Then I remembered I had brought my Nintendo DS, so I got that out and started playing with it -- that provided a little more light.

About 1:45am, the lights came back on.......and stayed on!!! Yippee!! I didn't have to call anyone, and it was light years less scary having some light and the dull roar of the TV in the background. V's bed started working again and her mattress reinflated, so all was well. She even slept through it all. Well, I mean she slept through it as best she could, in spite of me shining a dim flashlight in her face every few minutes to make sure she was still breathing. :-)

P.S. When I came to work the next night, someone kindly pointed out there was a much more powerful flashlight on V''s bedside table. Haha. YOU try finding a hidden flashlight in pitch blackness.


Kristi said...

Wow, that's almost funny...ok, I did giggle a little. Although I did feel sorry for "V". Picturing here there in a deflated bed as you muddle around in the dark trying to figure out what to do next. *snicker*

We don't get much snow in the Carolinas, so seeing the picture in the post below was nice. But I'll admit I feel the same way you do about snow. I think it's beautiful in proper places, but don't cause me problems!!! LOL

Thank you for your comment at Thimble Thoughts. Come back anytime!


Melissa said...

Haha, yes, it's even a little funny to me now. :) :) I was always worried something like this would happen -- at least now I shouldn't be as scared if it ever happens again. :)