Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The stockings are filled.......
The presents are all wrapped and under the tree......
The tree is brightly lit and decorated......
The candles are lit on the mantle......
Cards and packages have arrived from far away with more to come.......
Snow is on the ground.......
Christmas music is playing on iTunes.......

Yes, Christmas is definitely here. However, none of the items mentioned above are the reason or meaning behind this most special of days. We, as Christians, are blessed above everyone to realize that the reason for Christmas -- our wonderful baby Saviour Jesus Christ -- became the man who would die on the cross and take all our sins away. I can't even wrap my mind around that -- that He would love us ME enough to be born into this world, only to die. Thank you, Jesus.

May you be blessed as you celebrate Christmas this year, remembering in awe the birth of Emmanuel -- God WITH us. But please remember -- the baby in the manger became the Christ of the cross. Without that, the Christmas story is incomplete.


Monday, December 22, 2008

snow and other such winter happenings

Well, I guess this is a record year for snow. And all over the place too -- not just in the northeast!! Even though I become quite annoyed with snow at times, I do have to admit it wouldn't quite seem like Christmas without all the snow. However, that being said, it would be pretty great if it would all just disappear by the end of 2008. :)

I think it snowed pretty much all day Friday. Fortunately, we were both off, so we just stayed inside by the fireplace all day. There was no snow on Saturday, but the temps were beyond frigid. Probably the coldest I've felt this winter so far. Brrrrrrr. We record our temps in Celsius here, but it worked out to about 1 or 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Pretty bone chilling.

On Saturday evening, we went to a Christmas party with some of the people where James works. I didn't really know most of the people, but I had a really good time anyways. Lots of laughing and lots and lots of GREAT food. James thought we might get home by 10pm, but I think we pulled into our driveway about 1:30am. And it was just starting to snow. Again. We got several more inches overnight. Although thankfully, I was tucked away snug in my bed for the duration of that.

Sunday morning (well, at least the daylight hours of the morning) came much too quickly, and then I tried to figure out if it would be wise to drive to church in the lovely conditions. We drive about 30 or so minutes one way to church. After cleaning a mountain of snow off the car and looking at our uncleared street, I thought maybe it would be okay. After all, it was the last Sunday before Christmas, and we were supposed to have a Christmas service at the nursing home that afternoon. So I decked out in winter gear -- including my extremely stylish snow boots -- and drove reallllllllllly slowly to church. It took a bit longer than normal, but I didn't slip or slide and I safely arrived in one piece.

The rest of the happenings of the day will have to wait for another time, bc I have to go to work now (boo). :) Let's just say I didn't exactly make it home Sunday night......

P.S. I just wanted to congratulate myself on a major achievement. I was making banana ripple cake (a great recipe of my mom's) to take to the party on Saturday night. One of the steps in the recipe requires beating a couple of egg whites to meringue-y perfection. Well, I have really only tried this on my own one other time in my life (last week) and it was pretty much a disaster. Well, the whites didn't stiffen AT ALL and just became a foamy white milky substance. And being the amazing chef I am, I added them to the batter anyways, just bc I didn't have any eggs left and I thought it would be okay. And essentially, it was -- the cake just wasn't as fluffy and light as it could have been. the rabbit trail.......I beat the egg whites on Saturday afternoon, and I beat them to amazing PERFECTION. I was soooooo impressed with myself and soooooo proud. I kept showing them to Jamie (he thought they were great too). It was just such a shame that they had to get folded into the cake batter instead of being put on display, as all PERFECT things should be. Haha. I'm sure it will never happen again......shoulda taken a picture.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Kind of a dumb term in my opinion. But that is what they are forecasting here in our part of Canada for the next several days, starting tomorrow. It's going to start snowing in the morning and not quit until evening. Then perhaps a day of no precipitation before it snows EVERY DAY next week. I guess that means a white Christmas. :) That's something some people only get to dream about, so I'll be thankful for that!! And I'm also thankful we don't have to work this weekend, so we can stay inside and veg by the fireplace (and listen to the neighbor snow blow the driveway and sidewalks for us!!).

Ah snow. The substance of winter.

P.S. I'm talking real snow here, people. With accumulation and everything. Unlike the dusting my sister in Oregon got and dared to call snow. Hahaha. :) :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

i'm a simple girl, really.....

This is the life, I thought to myself on Saturday night. What was I doing, you ask?? Dining on caviar and brie at an upscale party at the finest hotel in Toronto, wearing an elegant evening gown and diamonds galore??

Haha no. Never in a million years.

I was drinking apple cider and eating peanut M&M's. I was working on a new cross stitch pattern. And I was watching Anne of Green Gables. Quite possibly one of the best movies ever. Ah, this IS the life.

See, I told you -- a simple girl.

P.S. I was also at work and therefore getting paid for my entertainment. :) :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

funny funny

Well, I think I finished most of my Christmas shopping. All that's really left is my dad and the rest of Jamie's stuff. And I've spent the past couple of days wrapping the gifts and getting most of them in boxes ready for the post office. Yuck. I hate living far away from everyone and having to mail gifts. On the other hand, I love GETTING gifts in the mail!! :)

Anyways, I'm tired and I need to go to bed, but I thought I'd post this video. It makes me laugh hysterically every. single. time. I watch it. And I watch it a lot. Like at least once a week, and sometimes every day. It's pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen. Watch it and see -- make sure to turn my music on the sidebar off first. :)


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

snow sky

I'm not sure it will ever be dark again. Even at two in the morning anymore, our sky is not dark -- it is what I call a snow sky. Kinda white-ish, like snow is just hanging there, waiting to fall. Oh snow. I can't say I missed THAT while we were gone to PA. For all those interested, we got another truckload of snow dumped on our little town last night. Yippee. Maybe I should stop writing all my blog posts right after I finish might make them sound less bitter. :-)

Sooooooo I am feeling better. Mostly all the way. Last night, I was even able to fall asleep without having an hour-long coughing fit first. And I finally feel like I can function during the day without falling over, I had some serious TIRED issues for a while there. Yep, I'm getting there. Thanks for thinking of me. I did decide to skip going to the dentist yesterday though -- too afraid I would sneeze all over the place or accidentally bite the hygienist while trying to suppress a cough. Oh well, I'm not tooooooo disappointed about that, even though I love going to the dentist so much (eye roll). :)

Anyways, we had a wonderful trip. It was busy, but relaxing at the same time. It was great to see my parents, and my brother and his family. My nieces are getting so big -- Madelyn is already 8 months old!! All of us spent Thanksgiving and Black Friday at Andrew's house, and it was so so nice to have a Vasel Thanksgiving once again. Certain things like the stuffing and the salad with bacon dressing cannot really be duplicated anywhere else in the world. :-) The last time I had Thanksgiving at home was in the year 2000, if you can believe that. Definitely long overdue. Watching football (yay!) and playing many many LOUD rounds of Last Word filled up the day. We have such a competitive family, and there was some serious arguing catfighting going on. Hehe.

And because we can't really go a day without retail therapy, we actually went shopping on Thanksgiving Day. I know, I know, some people think we're sacrilegious. But Michael's (ah bliss) was open 6-9 pm, and we just had to take advantage of the great deals!!! Seriously, I think it would have been a sin not to. :-) Then, on Black Friday, my mom, Grace, and I braved the cold and the crowds and left the house at 3:45 am. We had been contemplating starting at midnight, since that's when one of the outlet malls opened, but we were just too tired. So I think we hit Penney's, Macy's, Boscov's, other stores in the mall, Kohl's, Walmart, and JoAnn's by the time we were done. I seriously could not wake up until maybe 5 am or so.......I was just walking around the mall in a bit of a daze. But once I became conscious, I had so much fun. We all did. And we all got a lot of Christmas shopping done!!! Judge us if you like, but we accomplished a lot in the eight hours we were out. Good thing it's only once a year though, I really think I'm STILL catching up on the sleep I missed. :-)

Anyways, it was a great time spent with my family. I love all of them so much. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Yep. I'm home.

And home is still cold and snowy -- unlike the practically balmy weather they were having in PA.

I also don't feel very well, so this is going to be short, and I will post later about all the details of our fun and exhausting trip.

But I just wanted to say I am alive.