Tuesday, January 20, 2009

customer service woes

Moving to a different country doesn't exactly do great things for your credit history. In fact, you pretty much have to start over. And trying to get various organizations to understand that you have a new married name is sometimes next to impossible. And it's hard to even get the process started when they won't even recognize you as an individual until you become a resident -- a process that took about 16 months. So, for a while there, I was a non-person living completely dependent on my husband. Not that that's a BAD thing, necessarily, except for, you know, the NON-PERSON part. :-)

Anyways, I have been trying to establish/re-establish credit here in my name. Since we're buying a house in both of our names, it would be helpful for interest rates and mortgage payments and such if I had a decent credit rating.

On to the woes. We have a joint credit card, but it still had my maiden name on the account. When we got it, it was because I didn't have any ID yet with my married name. It doesn't really cause too much of a problem, except it looks like there is nobody named Melissa B--- in all of Canada. I called to find out how I could get my name changed on the account, and they said I needed to fax in a request along with a copy of my marriage certificate. Not a problem -- our marriage certificate is pretty worn from all the photo-copying it has been through in its short life.

I faxed in the request November 21. Last week, I realized I had never heard back about it. So I called to inquire about the status. The ever-helpful rep said they had received the fax on December 17 (??) -- interesting four week delay, even though I was pretty sure faxes go through immediately. Anyways, they said the fax was missing the copy of the marriage certificate, and therefore the request could not be processed. I knew I had sent it, and asked why they hadn't contacted me when they realized it was missing. All I got was an uh, um, uh, not sure...... I agreed to fax in the request again, and said I would call in a few days to make sure they had gotten it.

I didn't get around to faxing it until yesterday. We had to fax a couple other things as well. When we got home from Staples, I picked up the mail. In the mail, there was an envelope from the credit card company. Hmmmm. Inside the envelope was a new credit card with my MARRIED name on it!!! What?!?!? I thought they couldn't process the request! Did they suddenly find the marriage certificate??

Oh, and of course this happens right after I fax in ANOTHER request. I wonder what will happen now -- maybe I'll get another new card in a couple months. One thing is sure -- they won't be calling me to find out what's up. Because apparently, they don't do that. Good old customer service.

Speaking of stellar customer service, the organization that oversees the licensing of nurses in Ontario is perhaps one of the most unprofessional organizations I have ever worked with. Even grocery stores and Walmart far exceed them in professional and courteous service. Maybe I will get my license eventually -- they say 2-3 weeks yet. I do have to say for a country that is supposedly so desperate for nurses, they sure don't make the process easy.


Kristi said...

Being a non person has its perks too. LOL

Hope it all works out right!


Jeanette "Frogster" said...

good times. I hate dealing with that kind of stuff. so thankful you are not a non-person anymore. :)
oh, and such a foul word that I have to type for word verification! :)

Rebekah said...

Hey my name is Bekah,
I love your blog!just came up on it, and I'm so glad I did...love it!!!! have a nice day!!!!!