Thursday, February 26, 2009

empty your purse!!

No, seriously.....

I saw this on a million blogs, and maybe it was a million years ago. But I'm just getting around to it now. Or maybe I'm just finally brave enough to go through the depths (and I do mean depths) of my bag. Or maybe I just need something to post. :) :)

Whatever the case, it's pretty easy. Just empty out your purse or bag or whatever you carry with you and take a pic of the contents. Oh yeah, also take a pic of your bag so everyone can see how boring stylish you are.

Here is my bag. It's a pink and black striped designer knockoff that I picked up at a flea market in PA. Yay flea markets!! Anyways, I love it -- it's roomy and it's really unique. People either really like it or really hate it. Jamie doesn't care for it much, he says it looks like a "hooker bag," whatever that means. And how would he even know what a hooker bag looks like?? It doesn't matter, I ♥ it!

And all -- ALL -- the junk in it. :) :) You can click to make it larger and see all my garbage.

Here's a list of everything I found in the depths of there (starting on the left):

  • a bunch of pens, mascara tubes, lip glosses, etc
  • my glasses case (with glasses inside!!) -- I'm supposed (note SUPPOSED) to wear them for driving
  • a pack of gel pens that I won at a Christmas party
  • a pack of cinnamon gum
  • a few (ahem) feminine products
  • a stack of receipts
  • a bottle of trusty Aleve (my drug of choice :)
  • my CG compact
  • three clothespins -- one is broken, two are from Korea
  • a ticket from the Raptors game we went to on Dec 31
  • three wet wipes from Chick-Fil-A
  • one of the lenses from my broken sunglasses
  • floss from my last visit to the dentist
  • a nearly empty bottle of Dove hair spray
  • a spoon?!? :)
  • a little thing of bubbles from a wedding in September
  • my wallet
  • two adapter cords -- one for my cell and one for my DS
  • a package of Kleenex (thanks Mom)
  • my pink cell phone
  • my check book
  • an envelope of pictures from Walmart
  • Valentine's Day tissue paper -- really don't know how THAT got in there :)
  • keys!!
  • my iPod shuffle -- still has Christmas music on it, I need to remedy that --Rudolph and Frosty are getting a little tired :)
  • a book -- I usually keep one in there to read at work, or if I'm going to have to wait somewhere
  • my Nintendo DS in its super cute designer bag that my super cool sister gave me
And that's it. Actually, that's quite a lot for a girl who never really liked purses or wanted to carry a bag. Now I have way too many. Now that I have this one empty, I think I'll switch to a different one -- something spring-like, maybe it'll hurry up the warmer weather!! :) :)

If you feel like emptying your bag, consider yourself tagged!!


Jeanette "Frogster" said...

love pink so love the bag - and thanks for the super cool sister comment! :)
it would be scary to see the contents of my purse - I'm sure a diaper and fruit snacks are in there somewhere!

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to do this. But then my kids are always handing me odd things to keep for them while we're out and about.

That spoon could definitely come in handy,lol.

Anonymous said... the bag - so cute!!

Under Southern Skies said...

That is a lot of things! My purse is pretty empty compared to yours! *laughs*