Sunday, April 19, 2009

ah Sunday

So it's Sunday again already. Where does the time go?? I guess that means we'll be closing on our brand new house in EIGHT short days. !!! And I do mean short. There is so much to be done!! However, I AM starting to feel a little more motivated, so I suppose that's a good thing.

So what did I do this week?? Hmmmmm.....

1. Well, I got my new computer. She's pictured below. And I don't why I call it a "she." Perhaps that will change. :)

2. I worked one evening shift, and three way-too-early shifts. Yippee for days that start at 5 am. :S Oh, and I almost forgot. I worked two night shifts as did I forget that when I just got home from one an hour ago?? Losing it.....

3. I forgot to give blood at the drive on Wednesday. I don't know why, I just forgot. And now I feel kinda bad....

4. I went bowling with my friends on Thursday night. I definitely didn't do nearly as well as last time, and I also ended up falling on the floor. Just a little embarrassing. And yes, everyone laughed, and no, no one thought to make sure I was ok before doing so. Haha. Oh well, if it had been someone else, I probably would have laughed too. :P I'm sure it was really funny to watch. But now I have a lovely large bruise on my right knee.

5. I got to give a lot of shots. Yay -- I like my job!! :)

6. I bought new scrubs on Friday after work. That's always fun. I prefer to wait until they go on sale since the regular prices are NOT cheap. And I'm trying to find more girly ones instead of the unisex ones that fit, well, unisexly. I'll have to post a pic of me in my cute scrubs.

7. Jamie and I went through all our paperwork last night, and shredded what seemed like (and probably was) thousands of pages. The shredder got a mini workout. But we were able to condense three large drawers and a bunch of stuff from the coffee table into one file box that is organized AND neatly labeled. And since we were sitting on the floor up to our ears (almost quite literally) in bills and forms and certificates and letters, we ordered pizza to come straight to our door. Yippee for delivery people!!

I guess that's it. Well, the highlights anyways. I slept a few hours, cooked awesome chicken bruschetta bake, ate a few meals, did a bunch of driving, tried to pack a few boxes, etc etc etc. But who wants to hear about THAT?? :)

Now it's Sunday and time to get ready for church. I have three days of orientation for NEW JOB this week, and two night shifts. Then I have the entire weekend free to relax finish packing and hopefully not freak out!! Too much craziness at one time. !!! Soon it will be time to relax though.......I'm flying down to PA on May 13 to see my awesome parents. Oh, and Rita too. Can't leave her out........ ;)


Anne said...

Oh Ritas, how I miss you!

Say hello to her for me, would you? :)

Kay said...

I'm going to miss Ritas when I go to Virginia! I wish I was here when you were!

Anonymous said...

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