Friday, April 24, 2009

moving drama

So we had our final house inspection on Wednesday. And that is not the drama -- it went fine. A few minor things were noted, but everything seems to be in order. Well, except the garage door and the outside railings are not painted, but they are not going to paint them until it gets a little dryer......i.e. it's not raining or snowing every day. :-D And our driveway won't be paved until the fall at least, if not the spring. I guess the ground needs time to settle or something like that?? Anyways, it matters not -- the house is in good shape and will become officially ours on Monday!!

We had an appointment with the attorney's office this afternoon. About four hours before the appointment, the secretary decided to call us with the amount we owed them. Well, let's just say that the amount was considerably higher than we had expected. Not only that, we didn't know they expected the money today. And they expected it in the form of a certified check or bank draft. Suffice it to say, that was going to be impossible to get this afternoon. Our banks requires just a little more notice than that. So it became a bit of a freak-out moment. How do we get them the (huge sum of) money??

The lawyer's office decided that a money order would be okay too, so we decided to go that route. After contacting the bank to allow us to withdraw a considerable amount of money (more than our daily limit), I was finally able to get six money orders that totaled the amount the attorney wished to receive. SIX. They limit the amount you put on one, so I had to get six separate ones. Grrrrr. With about an hour to spare, we got the money and then met with the attorney, where we basically signed our lives away. I'm pretty sure that James and I BOTH belong to the bank now, along with our new house. :-)

All along this process of building a new house, every. single. person. we encountered assured us that we did not have to pay the normally required land transfer tax since we are first-time homebuyers and own no land or property. Well, pardon me, but that was a load of crap. We may not have our own home, but there is still a transfer tax for the homebuilder to transfer it to US. There IS a tax credit for first-time buyers, but it definitely doesn't cover the entire amount. So that was a nice little surprise for us. Plus, a few other fees were added that we weren't informed about, and that wasn't too fun to find out.

Oh well, it is done. All the money has changed hands that needs to at this point, and we are just waiting for the phone call on Monday that says everything has been approved and we can pick up our keys!! Until then, I will rush about in a mad frenzy, trying to pack everything. I'm slowly but surely getting there.

Next time I am hiring professional movers. Seriously. And I'm also going to hire somebody to talk to the attorney and mortgage brokers, so we can actually understand what they're doing. :-D


Amy Fichtner said...

Sorry I havn't been around in a awhile and wow it has been a long time!! Last time I read, I saw pictures of the house being framed, and now you are moving in?!?!? I can't wait to see some pictures:)

Anonymous said...

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