Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the arrival of Delaney Hope, part 1

The last time I blogged, our family was waiting impatiently for the arrival of our baby girl. Obviously, since then, she has arrived, and I want to write down bits and pieces of her birth story so I don't forget. It seems to me that I could never forget any detail of everything that happened, but I am human after all. It was a crazy and overwhelming experience, and, without a doubt, one of the very best days of my whole life. :) :)

I had two due dates -- July 21 and July 23. I chose to stick with the earlier one, because, well, it was earlier. :) :) I remember going to the hardware store with Jamie on July 21 to pick up some garden stuff. The cashier looked at me sympathetically and asked when I was due. It was so fun to say "TODAY!!" Haha, she looked at me like 'get out of this store before you have that baby on the floor!!' Anyways, Jamie had to go to work at 4pm, so I decided to take a drive to pick up a dehumidifier that we desperately needed. It just so happens they were on sale for a great price at Canadian Tire, but the closest store that had one in stock was about an hour away. Jamie agreed that I should go get it. I was thinking to myself, I'm pretty sure that store is by a Burger King -- perhaps I can get a Whopper Jr for dinner. :) :) Hehe, pregnant ladies have one-track minds.

I couldn't find anyone in the store to help me lift the dehumidifier, so I decided to do it on my own. Why no one stopped to help a 9-months-pregnant-lady lift a very heavy and unwieldy box is beyond me. But so it was. I bought it and was on my way -- put it in the car by myself and everything. :) :) I decided to pass up Burger King and headed to the bookstore instead. I figured I would read and sip a cold Starbucks. It was hot!! Now, look at the title of my blog -- I normally LOVE Starbucks. But earlier this year, they decided to change the way they make their frappuccinos (to total grossness), and I could never figure out how to tell them to make it so I would love it again. So I basically went my whole pregnancy without a frappuccino!!! Insane, I know. But that night, I decided I NEEDED one and asked the girl to make me one that tasted like the old kind. She looked at my gigantic pregnant belly and said "yes ma'am!!"

I sat and read for a bit and then headed home. Jamie was working til 2am, so I thought maybe I'd stay up and watch TV until he got home. I turned on Gilmore Girls (fave show ever!!) and chilled. Just after midnight, I hoisted my gargantuan self off the sofa and headed for the bathroom. Only (yes, TMI, I know!!) I didn't quite make it. Or so I thought. I figured my bladder had had enough of this belly stretching and had let loose. Then I thought -- ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Maybe that's my water breaking!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

***insert major freakout moment***

Like a good expectant mama, I googled it and figured out it probably was my water breaking. I called the hospital, and they said the only way to know for sure was to come in. I said can I please wait until 2am when my husband gets home from work?? :) :) Then I called Jamie and freaked HIM out. I guess we really WERE going to have a baby after all!! I spent the next hour and a half straightening up the house and running around trying to make sure I had everything. I had a slight aneurysm when I realized I had *still* neglected to pick up some nursing bras. Oh well, babies don't wait for things like that.... :) :)

Jamie came home kinda bleary-eyed and we were on our way. I was nervous, excited, and totally and completed scared out of my mind. He was just tired. Hehe. I had NO idea what the next 24-30 hours held. None at all.

To be continued.....

so I'm gonna try this blog thing again....

I know what you're thinking......yeah yeah yeah. :) :)

It's true -- I kinda stink at blogging. But now that we have a kid (!!!), maybe I should give it a better try for the sake of preserving our memories. I mean, we've already had 4 1/2 months with her and what do I have to show for it?? Well, since you asked, I have a perfectly gorgeous baby girl, thankyouverymuch. :) :) Anyways, here's to trying again!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

picture post

some of the clothes me and my mom bought for the baby in PA :) :)

our new truck

a beautiful hybrid rose in our garden

another lovely rose opening

and lastly, a 3D ultrasound pic of my baby girl :) :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

post of the month

June already?!?!? We are in the sixth month of 2010, and I have just about no idea where the time has gone. And I didn't get around to posting anything in the month of May. Surprise surprise. :) :)

Anyways, today is 33 weeks pregnant, which means just seven weeks to go. Insane and amazing and scary. I am so excited to meet our little girl, but I'm pretty sure I have no clue how to be a mommy. I guess we will learn together. It's just intimidating, b/c I know full well being a good parent is more than providing for your child and dressing her up in cute clothes. What a responsibility we will have. I guess it's finally time for me and Jamie to grow up.

Not a lot has changed. We work, we play, we live our lives. My pregnancy has been very smooth and very uncomplicated, for which we are quite thankful. I have five weeks of work left, and then off for a good long time. Not looking forward to that AT ALL!! Ha! The weather has been sunny and delightful and starting to feel like summer. Jamie bought us a new truck (which I have yet to drive), and has planted us a beautiful garden in the front. I went to visit my parents in May, and we have now been in our house for over a year. God is so good to us!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

two months later.....

Well, I seem to be pretty incapable of keeping up this blog. Maybe I am busier. Maybe I am just lazy. Of course, THAT couldn't be it......... :) :) :)

Anyways, to revisit the last topic, we found out on April 1 (of all days!) that we are having a GIRL!!!! We are absolutely thrilled!!! All along, I thought it was probably a girl, but it was nice to have some confirmation. (For all you naysayers, it was confirmed again on April 15 that it is indeed a little princess). :) :) The day of the ultrasound, I started second-guessing myself and preparing myself for the moment they might tell me it's a boy. Of course, I would have been just as thrilled, so it matters not!! My little baby's closet is starting to fill up with pink and dresses and all things girly. We are very happy indeed!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



We have a modest little baby. He/she kept his/her legs crossed during the whole ultrasound. Even with lots of prodding. :) :)

So (for now) it remains a surprise. Not sure if we will get another one done or not, I guess it depends on what the doctor thinks. I saw the baby and the heartbeat, so that is the main thing, I guess.

But YES, I admit to being very disappointed. :( :( I wanted to run right out and buy a little pink outfit if it was a girl, or overalls or something for a boy. Now I have to be content to wait.

Monday, February 22, 2010

i guess i don't know how to blog (or capitalize)

Sooooo........yeah, it's been a while. I'm always thinking of things to write, but very rarely actually writing/typing them out. Nothing super exciting going on here anyways. :) :)

I am going on 19 weeks pregnant already!! Some days I feel it is going ever so slowly, but really!! 19 weeks!! I feel like I just got the positive test(s)**, and that was over three months ago. Tomorrow, we are going for the BIG ultrasound. I suppose the purpose of said U/S is to look at all the baby's physical anatomy and make sure everything is in working order. We know the *real* purpose of said U/S is to determine pink or blue!!! :) :) Let's hope little baby B is in a cooperative (AKA immodest) mood. Everyone seems to have an opinion one way or another, but in my heart, I feel it is a girl. We will be thrilled with either!! And are mostly agreed on names.....

I guess I had better not wish away the time too fast. I am just about halfway there, and pretty much have nothing ready for a new little human to enter our home. Well, other than have two little outfits and a bassinet-not-yet-put-together. Oh, and a pack of little diapers. :) :) I haven't even told the cats, and they probably need time to get used to the idea. ;)

I am certainly getting larger, although I don't know about packing on the poundage. As of last visit with the doctor, I hadn't gained any weight yet. The doc says everything is great, so who am I to question?? Well, I guess I am somebody, b/c I know I worry way too much. Maybe tomorrow will change that a little bit.

In other news, we went to the Toronto Symphony last week -- heard Beethoven's 5th and some other pieces and had a $5 Haagen-Dazs dark chocolate ice cream bar. We've been working a lot. We go out every now and then. We watch the Olympics a lot (like a LOT). And we even found time to paint and organize our office/craft room. It's a lovely fuchsia color, makes me happy. Jamie put his computer in there, and I have almost all my craft stuff organized. Just waiting for a few more shelves to go on sale, and it will be done. Maybe even look nice enough to post pictures. That is, if I can find that darn camera cord........grrrrrr. :) :)

Anyways, I will post the happy news if we find out tomorrow!!! :) :)

** Yes, I took THREE tests. I'm a little OCD. :) :) And I took the first one in a very lovely public Canadian Tire restroom. Good memories. :) :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm thinking a lot today about......

1. My grandma. Today would have been her birthday. And she has been gone from our lives for almost eight years now. :( :( I wrote a lot about her last year on her birthday -- see here. I still miss her.

2. A girl at work I know who lost her precious little baby boy at just 20 weeks. She went for her ultrasound and learned the baby's heart had stopped beating. My heart is breaking for her. Being pregnant myself, this bit of news hit me very hard and I feel indescribably sad for her. :( :(

3. My sweet sweet little baby growing inside of me. (I couldn't have them all sad, now, could I??) I am looking forward to the day when I get to start feeling him/her moving around. I went to the doctor on Friday and was able to hear that little heart beating ridiculously fast. A good fast. Baby sounds healthy, and I think my morning sickness is going away. Yay!! I am loving my little baby!!!

4. What Not to Wear. Okay, I wasn't really thinking about that a lot today, just thought I'd mention it since I'm half-watching it now. :) :) It's about a witch?!?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a slowwwww return :)

Well, here it is a week later, and I only posted that one little thing. Or a BIG thing, depending on how you look at it. ;)

Today was my first ultrasound at the hospital, AKA my first chance to see that there is indeed a little moving person who is quite alive inside of me!!! It was lovely, and reassured me quite a bit -- and now I have a lovely grainy picture of our beautiful baby-to-be.

Highlights of the exam included:
1. Seeing that little heart flashing on the screen
2. Watching our baby move its hands around by its face
3. Finding out that everything is indeed okay and little baby looks good for its age!! I am so thankful!!

Low points of the exam included:
1. Being made to fill up my bladder an hour before the appointment time, and then having to wait an extra half hour before it even started. My little tiny bladder is still recovering -- owww!!
2. Having a pretty crabby and condescending ultrasound technician. However, she miraculously seemed to recover from her bad mood when she found out I worked at this hospital. :) :)
3. Jamie wasn't allowed to come in until the very end. What's up with that??

Anyways, I was so so happy to see our little baby. You don't even know how emotional it made me. I have to go get some blood drawn tomorrow, and then see the doctor on Friday to see how much weight I've gained this trimester (!!!), and hopefully to hear the baby's heartbeat.

I am soooooooooo excited!!!

Our little little baby's photographic debut: