Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm thinking a lot today about......

1. My grandma. Today would have been her birthday. And she has been gone from our lives for almost eight years now. :( :( I wrote a lot about her last year on her birthday -- see here. I still miss her.

2. A girl at work I know who lost her precious little baby boy at just 20 weeks. She went for her ultrasound and learned the baby's heart had stopped beating. My heart is breaking for her. Being pregnant myself, this bit of news hit me very hard and I feel indescribably sad for her. :( :(

3. My sweet sweet little baby growing inside of me. (I couldn't have them all sad, now, could I??) I am looking forward to the day when I get to start feeling him/her moving around. I went to the doctor on Friday and was able to hear that little heart beating ridiculously fast. A good fast. Baby sounds healthy, and I think my morning sickness is going away. Yay!! I am loving my little baby!!!

4. What Not to Wear. Okay, I wasn't really thinking about that a lot today, just thought I'd mention it since I'm half-watching it now. :) :) It's about a witch?!?


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