Monday, February 22, 2010

i guess i don't know how to blog (or capitalize)

Sooooo........yeah, it's been a while. I'm always thinking of things to write, but very rarely actually writing/typing them out. Nothing super exciting going on here anyways. :) :)

I am going on 19 weeks pregnant already!! Some days I feel it is going ever so slowly, but really!! 19 weeks!! I feel like I just got the positive test(s)**, and that was over three months ago. Tomorrow, we are going for the BIG ultrasound. I suppose the purpose of said U/S is to look at all the baby's physical anatomy and make sure everything is in working order. We know the *real* purpose of said U/S is to determine pink or blue!!! :) :) Let's hope little baby B is in a cooperative (AKA immodest) mood. Everyone seems to have an opinion one way or another, but in my heart, I feel it is a girl. We will be thrilled with either!! And are mostly agreed on names.....

I guess I had better not wish away the time too fast. I am just about halfway there, and pretty much have nothing ready for a new little human to enter our home. Well, other than have two little outfits and a bassinet-not-yet-put-together. Oh, and a pack of little diapers. :) :) I haven't even told the cats, and they probably need time to get used to the idea. ;)

I am certainly getting larger, although I don't know about packing on the poundage. As of last visit with the doctor, I hadn't gained any weight yet. The doc says everything is great, so who am I to question?? Well, I guess I am somebody, b/c I know I worry way too much. Maybe tomorrow will change that a little bit.

In other news, we went to the Toronto Symphony last week -- heard Beethoven's 5th and some other pieces and had a $5 Haagen-Dazs dark chocolate ice cream bar. We've been working a lot. We go out every now and then. We watch the Olympics a lot (like a LOT). And we even found time to paint and organize our office/craft room. It's a lovely fuchsia color, makes me happy. Jamie put his computer in there, and I have almost all my craft stuff organized. Just waiting for a few more shelves to go on sale, and it will be done. Maybe even look nice enough to post pictures. That is, if I can find that darn camera cord........grrrrrr. :) :)

Anyways, I will post the happy news if we find out tomorrow!!! :) :)

** Yes, I took THREE tests. I'm a little OCD. :) :) And I took the first one in a very lovely public Canadian Tire restroom. Good memories. :) :)