Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I was admitted to the hospital. I was a little scared, mostly because my house was a mess, and I didn't really want to come home to that after having a baby. :) :)

The nurse said, well, your water is definitely broken and you're having mild contractions. I was feeling nothing. Hurray. She said get a good night's sleep cuz you'll need it and we'll see if your body goes into labor on its own.

Well, funny didn't. Of course. The doctor said I should walk around the hospital all morning to try to get things started. I did -- nothing happened, except I ran into everyone I knew and everyone screamed because I was finally having a baby. :) :) It's fun having your baby at the hospital you work at. By the afternoon, nothing was happening, and the doctor wanted to start the evil drip. Which meant I would no longer be free to run around. I had to be poked numerous times for an IV and then they strapped me to a monitor, which meant I couldn't get out of bed unless I asked permission. Frustrating!!

The inducing stuff started, little by little they turned it up. All was going well (I thought). Contractions were gradually starting to come. I guess also when you are being induced, you have to be watched by a nurse 24/7, so I had a very chatty person at my bedside. Fun fun. After 3-4 hours of being on the drip, suddenly my nurse starts going ballistic as she stared at the monitor screens. She pushed me onto my side, shoved an oxygen mask on my face, and started yelling for help. Unbeknownst to me, little unborn baby's heart rate had dipped dangerously low for a couple seconds. Or at least this is what she presumed (although it could have been my heart rate). Because of this, the drip was stopped. Temporarily. To be started again in a few hours.

Yay. I lay in bed (still strapped to the dumb monitor), watching my contractions slowly go away. Night shift nurses arrive and they decided to restart the drip around 8pm. The contractions start again -- fast!! And coming much harder. I squeezed Jamie's hand ridiculously hard during them. The nurses started talking about when I might want to get an epidural (if I wanted one). They were saying crazy things like, well, you don't want to wait too long or we'll have to call in an anesthesiologist and he won't like being woken up. I was thinking to myself -- I'll ask for it whenever I want it, this is why doctors are on call!! The nurse tells me to try to sleep between contractions. Ha ha. They were about every two minutes and lasting 30-45 seconds. The night nurses leave to let me get some sleep (again haha). They tell me to watch the monitor to see if the baby's heart rate dips again. I was thinking to myself -- ummm isn't that your job?? And how am I supposed to sleep if I'm watching the monitor?? I kept these thoughts to myself.

Sometime later that night (who knows what time), I watched the monitor as the heart rate seemed to be dipping again. I called the nurses who watched a bit and immediately became concerned. They did the whole freaking out and pushing me onto my side thing -- while I yelled at them that I did NOT want to be on my side because I was having a contraction and that was the worst position to be in!!! Jamie was sitting there watching, I think. I really have no recollection of him doing anything else at that time. :) :)

The doctor is called and they decide to stop the drip again for the night. And restart it in the morning. I wonder how many times we can do this. The doctor comes in to see me and checks my progress. I am at 2cm. Disappointing. She inserts an internal monitor to the baby's head so they can make sure that they're actually getting her accurate heart rate and not traces of mine. That was REAL comfortable. Yet another cord. The funnest thing was that every time I had a contraction, the baby would push down hard on my bladder and I would have that uncontrollable urge to pee. Like the painful urge. So I asked the nurse if I could get up. She reluctantly disconnected all my wires and let me walk to the bathroom. After I was settled back in bed, I needed to get up again ten minutes later. I asked again. She seemed annoyed. After that, I didn't want to ask anymore. So I resisted the urge and was in way more intense amounts of pain. Jamie was mad at this point (at them) and told me to call them whenever and they were supposed to help me seeing as that was their job and all.

Through the night, the contractions tapered off again (no drip), although the doctor hoped my body would continue without the medication. No such luck. It was decided the drip would be restarted at 7am, I believe. I told Jamie I didn't know if I could do this stopping and starting thing anymore. Since nothing had happened before, he decided to leave and go get breakfast. The drip was started and within 5 minutes, the baby's heart rate was again dangerously low. It was stopped altogether, and the doctor looked at me and said, I'm sorry but you're having a C-section.


Then she said words like, NOW -- going to the OR to squeeze you in before the morning's surgeries start -- I'm sorry -- are you ok with this? -- let's go. And all I could think was hurray, at least the baby will be here sometime soon!! And my other thought was.....Jamie's not here. :( :(